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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Art & Lists

I finished, photographed and listed these four new "Impressions of Nature" ACEOs. I love the subtle boldness of these. These sturdy little works are done on masonite and there are more in the works, on watercolor paper as well as masonite. These little artworks are such a joy to create, and pulling out last autumn's pressed leaves and flowers simply magnifies the joy and the expression, intention and love that flows in the process.

On a dull note, after other failed fix-attempts, I reinstalled my MS Office and it fixed some of the issues that magically appeared of late. The only reason I ever purchased this (fill in expletive here) software is because it is such a universal standard. Why, I'm still at a loss for understanding. C'est la vie, eh?

This morning, as I often do, I pulled a card. This one was "Oneness" and my smile was as broad as the scope of understanding that surfaced from within. It pleased me, despite the challenges that wafted in on that understanding. I pulled out my Master List (I love my Master List) and added to it, then commenced a review to seek the "Oneness" patterns. The effort quickly overwhelmed me, so I set it aside - to macerate - and will continue that pleasing challenge in the coming quiet days. I am looking forward to this.

That's what I made today.


Laura said...

Can I ask what a "Master List" is?
I love your art...

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Well Laura, it's my list of ALL things that need to be done, and that I want to get done, regardless of deadline, priority, whatever. it is an organic list that changes and gets re-written on (all-too-often) occasion.

Essentially, I suppose, it is a combo ToDo-n-Brainstorm list. I love it! It works for me. Literally!

Divaeva said...

I am lovin'your beautiful little works of art - as always! I also like the "master list" idea - although I am REALLY shitty with lists!

Laura said...

I really like the idea behind your Master List... I think I will have to start something like that.. I am constantly forgetting things that I either need to do or things I want to do (ideas for art, etc) so... sounds like a great way to keep a record! Hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea! :-)

storybeader said...

Great idea - your master list. Good idea! And I love the ACEOs!

Zom said...

I love that they are on masonite.

Hi wild Rose, good to connect.