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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Charmed and Challenging Changes

I've kept distance from my blog these past few days. I've kept distance from other things too. That extra distance has offered me much-needed wiggle-room in my personal sphere of influence. You know, that time and space where we can be at one with our hearts, our souls, our passions, our Selves ... a place where we can see things more clearly, for what they are and assess where their value truly resides.

These past few days have nurtured me well. I've sat with lists. I've sat with card catalogs. I've sat with projects, plans and ideas, old and new. I've sat with all my dreams, passions, and responsibilities. Now ... I am cleaning house - so to speak - and creating a new order from the beautiful chaos that is my charmed life. An order that may or may not play out as I foresee, but I'll never know if I don't act on it, wear it around, see how it fits and feels.

I'm weaving together a new tapestry for myself ... one that has warp and weft of discipline and freedom, creation and destruction, utility and folly, order and chaos ... a holistic tapestry of life as - quite frankly - life truly is. As I consider this I can see that this is indeed a task already digested, assimilated and in progress. What a joy to discover that I've been weaving this wonder without full conscious awareness!

See? All things are connected!

So I take my dreams and begin defining and segmenting ... a day for the dispensary, a day for art, a day of whoring, a day of writing, a day of more art, a day of responsibility and a special day I've been missing for several years - a "weekend" day. I look at this and see that it fits rather nicely into that thing we call a week. It fits. So now, I take it - with all its charmed and challenging changes - to define it further, finish its edges and wrap myself in it!

Wish me well! Ashe. Ashe.


Huckleberry Arts said...

What a wonderful view on taking things in and doing, and such a sense of calm even with your to do list you are so inspiring Rose and thank you for the beautiful picture of the Fall leaves sure do miss that

Unknown said...

ah, that's what i do, or i'd never have a weekend!!!

Jasmine said...

Your life tapestry sounds a magical textile of alchemy's loom...I wish you well!

Erica said...

That picture is lovely.

With a husband and a baby sometimes I wish I had a way to take a few days off of my personal life.
I love them so much but sometimes I miss the introspection of being alone. :)


rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Oh, I just love all your comments!

Glad to share my autumn leaves with you Huck. My best wishes to you in "taking things in and doing." :)

Annie, I think it's a consequence of the work-at-home situation ... especially when we do what we love and love what we do.

Thank you Jasmine ... and I love your words, "magical textile of alchemy's loom" Nice!

I wish you well Erica - I know that the balancing act can be especially challenging during such phases of life. I only ask that you remember that you will not be able to take the best care with your family if your don't MAKE the best care for yourself. Even 5-10 minutes of quiet can nourish and sustain. :)