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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Idle Effort

Today was one of those October days that offered the rare gift of spontaneous idle time in Nature. I made my way around my little acre without much in mind at all, simply taking in the details ... and letting them be. I leveraged this gift by making myself comfortable, feeling the breeze, and breathing with it. I opened my senses and closed my eyes and sunk into a delicious darkness at mid-day.

It still feels as if I was there, in that sweet darkness, for a long while, but the keepers of linear time indicated otherwise. Regardless, the darkness behind my eyes became as a blank screen that filled with ideas ... intriguing ideas ... and I still want to write them down, for I feel they may fade and vanish like a night dream at dawn.

I made time to kiss The Boy's hair goodbye ...
... before he had it chopped.

I love his ears. I really do.

And, of course, I made time in the day to visit Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween where today she's giving away a lovely Tarot Bag, a copy of the Field Guide to Candy, hand made gift boxes and a bundle of skully, ghouly, Halloweenie things! Be sure to check it Mrs. B's blog every day through Halloween for fun, info and cool give-aways!


Divaeva said...

oh my - Rick Rick has ears? *laughs* how handsome he looks!

Comfrey Cottages said...

ear are nice:) wasn't what i was expecting to see here today but i love surprizes lol

Tammie Lee said...

idle time in nature is the best!
that hair cut sure is a change! i love that you love those ears!