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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Unlikely Dividend

Hard work pays off in unlikely ways. I started early today, giving my bedroom a well deserved (and overdue) housecleaning - from ceiling to floor. I figured the new mattress arriving tomorrow was a worthy incentive. Aside from spilling a bucket of (thankfully clean) water on the wool rug while moving furniture around, the efforts went well and the room felt so good when I was done. That, and a couple loads of laundry and some homemade rolls culminated into a sweet, restful afternoon.

While sipping tea my mail lady came to the door with a package for me to sign. I thought it might have been another package from my aunt, but a quick glance revealed "Great Britain" and I knew it was the hand-felted bead necklace that I had won from Jasmine in her recent blog give-way at Natures Whispers.
I was delighted when I opened the package. Not only did it reveal the expected necklace, but also a lovely Stonehenge photo with a nice note on the back and a few botanical surprises that now sit in a place of honor at one of my altars.

Jasmine does lovely work, doesn't she? I love the look and feel and verve of these beads! It was through Jasmine that I learned about Made for Aid, a new non-profit project that raises money for charity through online auction of good quality, handcrafted items. Check out their website and blog to learn more. Whether you're a crafter or someone who loves - and purchases handcrafts, you can add value to the effort! I hope you'll check out Made for Aid today.



Amy said...

Wait a minute, so do you mean if I FINALLY clean my house a lady will arrive at my door with jewelry?


:) the necklace is GORGEOUS!! Love it!

Divaeva said...

*laughs* for thought Mamaslittlemonkeys! That necklace is indeed some beautiful loot!

Ash said...

Pretty necklace! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

beautiful!!! what kind of mattress did you finally decide to get??

Jen said...

That necklace looks like it is full of good mojo and will make you feel fantastic when you wear it.
And the colour is so rich. love it.

Jasmine said...

I'm glad it arrived all right. I was starting to worry. So nice of you to post about Made4Aid too. I will email Sally (AKA Made4Aid) and send here to look. She will be thrilled. Thank you xx

made4aid said...

hello! thanks for the mention for made4aid, its a real lift to the heart when other people pick it up and pass it on.

enjoy that beautiful necklace

Tammie Lee said...

Such a wonderful gift! It seems like it could be a ceremonial piece for the lady of the woods and garden ~ you

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thanks all for the comments - you know I love them.

And Jasmine - a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to you!