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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spun Order

I made a morning of managing bills, invoices and numbers, making order of things, and doing some business review and planning. I'm still procrastinating the last leg of the income taxes though. All in good time. I made time to go back through the list from the brainstorming meeting I had a while back and started to plan and plot more herbal and art workshops for spring, summer, autumn and beyond. In years past I would have had such things planned and "inked-in" long before now. I suppose I'm just a bit more fluid in my rigidity now than I've ever been, and I'm cool with that.

I made time in the kitchen to get some osso buco (from The Farm) simmering and got the dough ready for tonight's pizza. In between I journaled words and spun some new Spirit Cords ... in the colors of winter.

That's what I made today.


Vincent James Pia said...

It's good to be cool with such things! :-)

(By the way... can you send some Osso Buco down this way please!?!)

brandi said...

~what a wonderful feeling to accept...allowing life to flow as is...not pressured by time or a mark on a calender...your cords are beautiful...i love the colors and want to reach in through the picture and grab one to touch...such texture within them...brightest blessings~

LiPeony said...

wow that's awesome (except all that bookkeeping stuffs but heck we gotta do it) I've never seen cords like those... so very mysterious to me =D

Tammie Lee said...

this sounds like a wonderful day. Hope you had a wonderful pizza.