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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Timely Preparations

Today I made my final preparations for upcoming travel, including making my mom an easter basket and wrapping a couple gifts for her too. Not to mention an inventory of the freezer and organizing the ready-to-thaw-n-heat-n-eat meals for cooler-packing in the morning. I also made a batch of whole wheat rolls and a loaf of cinnamon bread to bring her.

I made time to be still, to take in the warmth of the April sunshine, to sit with the sounds of Nature, distant traffic, neighbors ... as I centered and grounded myself in a place of peace that will sustain me in the days ahead.

I made time to share a cup of early morning coffee with a friend who's only daughter left for the west coast today. And as we sipped, a call came in from Chicago with a little travel update.

I made time for my seedlings with hushed conversation, reiki, and I transplanted some wee peppers too. This is the hardest part about going away right now ... leaving these babies in the care of The Boy and the dog.
I know they'll be OK. Yet I will miss their quiet and calm ... their tranquil way of knowing what to do and what to be in any moment without any prompting or prodding, plans or lists, or any regard for that thing we've dubbed "time."



Kim said...

peaceful journies to you

brandi said...

~beautiful sweet your soul is and filled with such l♥ve...your mother is blessed to have a daughter as you...your babies look wonderful...thriving away...may you have a wonderful holiday and travel safely...brightest blessings upon you always~

Tammie Lee said...

wishing you a wonderful travel and time away from home. Your preparations sound wonderful and delicious. Thank you for visiting my new blog.

Wizardess said...

I think I know a bunny in that basket...:) Spring blessings!