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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Silly Six Year Milestone

Six years ago today I posted my first blog entry ...

Wellness Journey . . . Here and There

Welcome to my blog!

No telling where this may lead. For me, herbs encompass one day, spiritual guidance the next, shamanic journeys another, maybe time spent with Nature, or drumming, and so on . . . you get the idea. To me, this diversity is at the heart of the people's medicine. We have choices. We have the will to learn about them. We have the power to choose. And we have the right to change!

A regular entry in a blog, like any journal, may force me to focus on one aspect of wellness or another (something many of my peers have "encouraged" me to do, and yet I resist!). On the other hand, this practice may simply allow me to organically explore the diversity of life, healing, spirit and energies that make up my being and offer me the experiences and opportunities that I am able to share with others - in the hopes to nurture holistic wellness and growth.

So, join me in this journey, wherever it may lead, and - please - add your comments, for they are food for me! I invite you to offer your experiences and insights, as well as your challenges to my perceptions!

So that is where I am today. I wonder where I will be tomorrow?

Be well by Nature!


In those six years things have changed, some quite a bit and others not much at all. One constant is that I'm still honoring where I am each day and still wondering (dreaming) where I will be tomorrow. I hope you are too.

To celebrate this silly milestone - and the upcoming calendar flip - I'm having a giveaway. After all, it is Wednesday … Win a Whimsy Wednesday (remember Win a Whimsy Wednesday?- so watch out for that post!



JDConwell said...

Happy Anniversary to your blog, and Bright blessings on your journey, Rosemari.


brandi said...

~though i missed hhhmmm about five years of your journey here i am ever so delightful that i found you this past year!!! wishing you many many more days of writing sharing your beauty here...much love light and blessings always be with you~

Cherie said...

Happy Six Years anniversary!

Thank you for sharing your life and your world! I enjoy this blog and your Tweets, your art and your art shops...and YOU!

Blessings and all things wonderful to you!

In Peace

Unknown said...

happy anniversary!!! word verification is ovenesse.... sort of a combination of oven and goddess....:)))

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

Sending are the best!!!

The StarFire Witch / Bald Girl said...

Congrats on the 6th year anniversary! Thats awesome.

LetaMarieDesigns said...

Happy Anniversary~~ I wish I had found/met you sooner :) Blessings~Leta