Google+ What I Made Today: April 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gentle Collaboration

Today I made time for the gardens. By the end of the day I had prepped a couple more beds, and still have more - much more - to go. I view this as a process, a journey, not a task to be completed. After all, Nature is never done with anything. Why should I? Least of all while tending to the patch of land we share. 

I made a lunchtime harvest of nettles, ramps and egyptian onions. Just for me.

I made a nice miso soup loaded with the green love I collected with honor for the season and the spirit of the plants.

Then I returned to gardens for more gentle collaboration. That's what I made today. Peace.


Friday, April 29, 2011


It's what's for dinner. Peace.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Myself Better

I was on the road this past week, traveling to tend to the needs of my elderly mom. I returned home feeling more than a bit out of balance, but that - in and of itself - is not all that unusual. I was feeling somewhat under the weather yesterday, yet kept moving, but this morning I woke with a full blown springtime cold. I made a block of morning time to attend to phone calls and other obligatory activities and then commenced to tend to my own needs. I boiled some water to start an herbal steam and brew a pot of tea, and poured myself a dose of elderberry tincture to sip on throughout the afternoon. I forced myself to rest. The happy chicken soup with rice was good dinnertime medicine too.

I can breathe through both nostrils again and while I'm still forcing myself to rest and sip my elderberry love, I'm feeling much better and can feel my body mending as I give thanks to the spirit of the plants that support me in ways that never cease to delight and amaze me.

And now, it's time for another loving steam and cup of healing tea. Peace.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Secret Passageway ...

… to refurbishment. Peace.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Introduction to Vaudeville Gypsy

Vaudeville Gypsy is On Fire for Handmade

This week's On Fire for Handmade Featured Artisan is Vaudeville Gypsy

Vaudeville Gypsy creates jewelry and costume accessories with a vintage flair by re-purposing vintage jewelry, and creating costume accessories with a tribal fusion belly dance twist. Her work ranges from the everyday-wearable to theatrical statement pieces, all inspired by her love of the Art Deco, Silent Film era, as well as Victorian vaudeville.

Take a closer look and get to know Vaudeville Gypsy and her work at these places:



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spirit Cords

The weather was a bit fickle today, so while I waited for mama Nature to make up her mind I pulled out the yarn and spun some new Spirit Cords while listening to The Boy play guitar. It was a pleasant meditation. That's what I made today.



Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Plea ...

Oh, how I love this season! No sooner does the snow melt and days lengthen than the green foods return to the gardens …

… and me with them!

So, yesterday I made a harvest of dandelion greens, and egyptian onion tops. We had a nice dandelion salad with supper last night, complete with some chopped onions. Today I'll make something with the rest of the onions … but what?

Any suggestions?



Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Delicious Dandelion Brew

Today I made a delicious and nutritious roasted taraxicum brew. Yep. That's what I made today.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Color

Today I played with some clay to create a little Venus of Willendorf goddess for a friend of mine. She's drying now and once I perceive her as dry, I'll cure her for a few days. Then I'll sand her and paint her and finish her. Her image is bound to show up here eventually.

I got out the acrylics are made a start on more little journals. Folks seem to like these and I enjoy creating them. They've offered me the opportunity to explore using colors I've shied away from in the past. But with spring bloom somewhere in my near future, creating with these colors serve as magic to make manifest this palette in my own little realm.  


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shadows of Blood

I am grateful for the opportunity to gather and share time and space, memories and dreams, laughter and heartache - and much more - with Women. They smooth my way in this journey of life by allowing me to see myself more clearly through their exquisite reflections.

I am grateful.

With them, I see my power, through their's, with fresh eyes. I see - and acknowledge - the soft underbelly of my being … which gives way to lay name and title to the disquiet, discomfort, ache and pain that I'd rather let rest, undisturbed. Despite the "Rather Not" that I sometimes cling to in these dark realms, I delight - with reluctance - in the names and titles that allow me to carry them into the light of day, and nurture a positive and intimate relationship with these cardinal shadows hidden in the softs spots, the wounds, and the scars of my essence.

I am grateful.

Today I make space for gratitude, deep and flowing, painful and life-giving, melancholy and joyous … gratitude that is conceived and birthed in shadows of blood most sacred.

I am grateful.



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love Under My Nails

Today I made love under my nails.

The Boy and I made the pea frames.

I planted one 12 foot row of pea seeds. 

A found some winter-mulched carrots in the bargain. I roasted the carrots with some red potatoes and chicken which was served with a salad of romaine, onion and some baby dandelion greens that were also a garden bargain.

Then the rain began to fall, sweet, soft and gentle. The peas are happy and so am I.

That's what I made today. Peace.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Introduction to Jewels by Trish

Are You On Fire for Handmade?

I've missed some recent featured artisan posts, but I'm glad to be settled back into my life enough to catch up and participate this week!

This week's On Fire for Handmade Featured Artisan is Jewels by Trish. Trish creates her jewelry pieces using lovely gemstones, pearls, crystals and other adornments. You can find Jewels by Trish at:

Pay her a visit! Peace.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gunpowder in the Sun

Today I made a hot cup of tea and sipped it in the sunshine. Yep, that's what I made. Peace.