Google+ What I Made Today: March 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Colorful Purr

Today I revised old lists and made new lists, reviewed some of my herbal teaching materials, worked on a few mini journals, and on some pages in my own art journals … like this one … where I continued on a page started yesterday.

Sometimes doodling is the best Medicine, especially when it purrs. Today was one of those times. That's what I made today.


Friday, March 23, 2012

A Welcoming to Spring

Today I worked in several art journals, including a new one … a journal which (I'm sensing) will be a visual meditation of my relationship with "The Elements" … a journal tied to a premium Book of Days workshop taught by the sparkling Effy Wild, an inspired guide and teacher with a radiant sense of humor. Anyway …

Since spring returned to my little acre, I've started more seedlings, prepped a garden bed or two, and created my journal cover for "The Elements." My inner cover is in the works and represents a farewell to winter, an expression of gratitude that I feel is essential before rooting too deeply in the airy verve of spring. Even so, with spring thick in the air, I was compelled to finish this page, a simple expression of moving from the earthy to airy energies of the season.

That's what I made today.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Along with other morning journaling, I added more color to my life by revisiting old doodles in one of my art journals.

A little bit of whimsy and color makes for "Good Medicine," methinks.

That's what I made today. Peace.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love in the Kitchen

Today was a kitchen day … the kind that involved creating a simple meal to share with a friend. The kind of day to catch up, share, discuss, agree, disagree and love. My best friends are the kind of folks who stand firm in their experience and views of life, and express them, and listen too, even when they're different from my own experiences and life views. I'd rather hang with folks who stand in their truth, than those who bend to the point of breaking in order to be (perceived as) accepted. Know what I mean?

So, yeah, I had a lovely friend over for a light lunch, a little soup and salad (though I forgot to put the chicken in the salad ::sheesh::). In just a couple of hours we discussed what was going on in our lives, art, crochet, politics, religion, and even love. It rOcKeD my day!

Investing time like this, nurturing friendship, nourished me as much as the food we shared. In any event, it seemed only fitting that I add color to this journal page that I doodled one early morning last November, while hanging in a cousin's kitchen, sipping coffee, waiting for folks to wake up.

That's what I made today.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today I was "arting." In addition to starting my "official" Book of Days, I went through more of that art journal I mentioned the other day and added more color to the summer drawings there. Nothing fancy, just good Medicine.

I'll be doing more with that right-handed page, but I was inspired to use up the green that I'd mixed.

Don't waste paint. Paint is good.

I wonder what I'll add to that page?

That's what I made today.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Art and Seed Connections

Today we put the new cold frame that The Boy made out on the deck. I put my onions out for a bit to begin their acclimation to the cooler temps that they prefer. I ran a couple errands that included picking up some seed starting medium so I can start the brassicas tomorrow.

Once home, I joined Effy online for a little creative live streaming "Book of Days" fun, and enjoy the artful community. As I watched and listened, I paged through a journal that had drawings from last summer. With plants and seeds and soil on my mind … and art in my heart, I added color and interest to an image I captured at a ::sigh:: summer farmers' market last season.

That's what I made today.