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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rest, For Now

Here we are at the end of November. It's a bit hard for me to accept. The year has whizzed by so quickly and I've been struggling to keep up with … my Self. Know the feeling? Yet, as November drifts to December, my world begins to wind down, contract gracefully, expand within, and slow to a pace that nourishes me. Deeply. I look forward to the winter months.

I look forward this season of the soul despite the challenges I see awaiting me. Some are familiar challenges-in-progress, others are "new." Most are challenges that I manifest for myself, and others are born of the Collective. Know what I mean? I welcome them all, for without challenge life would be dull at best. Yet, I'm careful for what I "wish" into my existence.

I see my "new" year sprouting from familiar roots. I see my "new" year extending roots grown fresh, reaching ever outward and ever deeper into the verve of life. I see days of sunshine and shadow, nights of glimmer and dim mystery … and I see mySelf reaching for all of it.



For now.

Yet, I find mySelf resting on the floor of my Well and it is dry. Dry as dust. This is a familiar place. I've been here before. I know what to do. I know that it is time to gather the tools that support me in seeking the cool, refreshing waters of Life … and Love … and Peace. I know it is time for the sledgehammer and pick ax, the hard and heavy instruments that have sustained me in this dark, dry, dusty place in times past. But I've grown weary and feel too exhausted to handle them, to do the work that is necessary to mine the refreshment that is … mine. So, for now, I rest in the darkness of the heart and gather my strength.

For now.



Sharkbytes said...

I hope this is all going in a positive direction, Rose. It sounds a bit like some depression. I love hearing about what you are doing, so please share when you feel like it. Take care.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Aaaahhhh . . . the well. Totally understand you. I'm about at the bottom of mine, not too far to go now, and am actually looking forward to the resting and thinking and nourishing of this darker season . . . and the growth that will come from it. May you find your strength. Peace and joy to you, my friend . . . Catherine

Tammie Lee said...

my heart leans towards yours as i read your words, feeling the weight of your spirit and words. feeling good that you know this place, that you will eventually gather yourself and make the journey.

i send you light

Kim said...

Ah, a metaphor I had not thought of myself but one I deeply understand. Peace and love on your journey, on your waiting and gathering, and always.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thank you all for your kind and caring comments ~ I smile as I read them. ♡

And rest assured, a positive direction is *always* core to my intentions. It is what adds the value to the work. :)

Healing Woman said...

Love the analogies in this beautiful post. Just read the latest one and see that you have regained sustenence for the time ahead. Yes, it is a good feeling.."this"...