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Friday, January 11, 2013

Heart Flames

My day started with the warming glow of brilliant sunshine, not the kind that shines from the sky, rather the kind that burns from the hearts and minds, stories and dreams of friends, old and new. It was a morning that motivated and inspired me. Here on this New Moon Friday in January my cauldron is filled to the brim and simmering with the insight of my Muse.

The dry, overcast day turned to rain and I turned from note-taking to picking up an old, unfinished project and … finishing it! A bag, crocheted of old plastic bags, a size perfect for my files and notebooks, a briefcase of sorts. It hangs in the south window now, soaking up the energy of the Moon, the day, the love, the vision and voices of not only my Muse, but the Muses of those who joined me around the dining table this morning. I have another unfinished project I shall complete in the next day or two. And another for which a dear friend has been waiting ever so patiently. Ah, New Moon energy … finishing up those things hanging in the darkness … to make room for the new projects beaming for attention.

I made space, too, to light a candle of loving intention for a friend and her family who lost their mother today.

I feel renewed. I fell calm. I feel compassion. I feel rooted. I feel braver than I did a day ago. I feel more bold than I have in quite some time. I feel fires warming and see them flickering in the hearths of my heart.

Heart flames. And a bag.

That's what I made today.



Dabanga said...

That's a great recycle project! and I love the results...hope you make a tutorial

Rue said...

What a lovely post! I'm feeling the heart flames today too. It helps that we have finally had sunshine after weeks of grey skies. Blessings abound!

claudia said...

Strange what a day can do and the people you meet during that time.

I'm happy to know you and interested in what happens....

Carol said...

Love the bag!! I love reusing things for a new purpose.

Kim said...

Yes, a spark was lit in my heart. I feel more motivated and grounded than before. I completed applications and over due banking business.

Healing Woman said...

Your writing soothes my soul. Hope you will write a book one day. Your bag is lovely too. Thanks for the inspiration to face the day with a flame in my heart.

Sharkbytes said...

I've tried several projects from the plastic bags, but I don't like how stretchy they are. Best use so far is a mat for in front of the sink. Cushy to stand on.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Dabanga ~ there's a number of fine tutorials out there already. Just google "plarn" and you're sure to find something!

You're right, Sharkbytes, the plastic is stretchy, and that's why I like working the plarn with crochet ~ it seems to reenforce itself nicely … though it's "sticky" to work with and takes far more hand energy and strength. I prefer working with natural fibers! :)

Thanks and big blessings to you all!