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Monday, January 14, 2013

Herbal Love

I have a question for you: Are we able to care for others before we care for ourselves? I don't believe so. Do you? 

So it is that practices of self care have been bumped up on my list of personal priorities. One pampering practice that I absolutely love is pausing, in meditative fashion, to relax, eyes closed, embraced by fragrant vapor, for a facial steam. Lately, when I do pause for this herbal treat, I generally take a scoop of this and a scoop of that, but today I decided to blend a favored mix for my maturing skin to have at the ready. Not only that, but a dear friend was with me to help and to add some extra love to this mix.

Rose petals and lavender, calendula and chamomile grace this blend and later this evening I'll be relaxing over a steaming brew of these herbs, and enjoy one of my herbal tea blends afterwards. Yeah. That's the ticket. ♡

That's what I made today.



Carol said...

Sounds very refreshing and relaxing... I think I have everything to mix up a small batch and give it a try. It was a very stressful day today so I need it. Thanks for sharing♥

Healing Woman said...

Beautiful! Nothing like a cup of hot tea to relax. Yes, we do need to take a bit of time for ourselves. The herbal steam sounds great.

Bird said...

Oh how wonderfully lovely. I just began really getting into herbals this past November and stocking up my apothecary cabinet. I love making teas and tinctures, ointments and syrups, and beauty products too. I will have to give your lovely blend a try. Thank you for sharing.
Bright blessings,

Sharkbytes said...

it looks very pretty, but i don't "get" the idea of the facial

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Enjoy your herbs, everyone ~ they offer such amazing gifts!

And Sharkbytes, the facial steam, aside from opening and cleansing our pores, the herbs can offer lovely toning and "nutritional" aspects for our skin. But more than that, pausing to relax in Self Care, inhaling beautiful fragrance is an experience that offers wellness and healing in a Holistic way. Give it a try sometime, I think you'll enjoy it and maybe even "get it" a bit! :)