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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Holistic Art Journey at The Phoenix Rising Center in Thomaston, Connecticut

Today I made art in my art journal and splashed a little paint on canvas. I carved out a block of time to take photographs, edit them and prepare them for phase II of action. I made a nutritional herbal blend for myself so that I may reach for on jar off the herb shelf instead of three. I made plans.

And now I'm making an announcement and offering an invitation to my regional friends to join me on an eight-week journey of soul, heart and art!

Next tuesday I'll be facilitating the first session of the holistic and artful journey into the question, "Who Am I?" So if you ever find yourself asking that question you might want to join us at The Phoenix Rising Center in Thomaston, CT for this introspective, expressive and creative workshop.

As we explore the query, "Who Am I?" we'll be expressing our discoveries through the magic of mixed media art. This is a workshop that is perfect for those with art experience as well as for those who have never created with paint, pens, collage and the like. Each week you'll go home with an artful expression of your Self … and you'll likely be inspired to create on your own between classes!

So if you're in the region I hope you'll join us. The eight-week workshop is only $140 and you have so much to gain by taking it ~ mixed media skills, enhanced self-awareness and appreciation, and anything in between.

Contact Doreen at The Phoenix Rising Center to learn more and to register at 860.294.1156 or email her at


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