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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moving Day

Today was moving day. The snow is finally gone from our little acre, so today we moved the chickens from their winter garden spot to their summer space in the lower part of our back yard. The Boy was quite proud of his DYI wheels. Just sayin'. He did most of the heavy hauling and I documented the event, as you can see. But hey, I did some lifting, pushing and lugging too, but mostly coop traffic control.

The ladies were curious (as they tend to be) about the changes and the homemade wheels.

Once one side of the pen was removed and the ladies wandered off, the ark started its journey south. Literally.

We live on a south-facing slope, and their summer location is peppered with above-ground maple roots, so positioning the ark so it was level and the door would properly open was important. Don't want undue stress on those hinges, ya know. 

So, no … the door won't fall and lay nicely. 

Gotta move it touch this way.

And a touch that way.

A little forward.

And that should do it.

Does the door open nicely?

It does.


Next up is the fencing around the main vegetable garden so I can start planting seed and putting in some seedlings … without the ladies helping themselves to the delicious, young greens and scattering the seed wherever they're inspired to scratch.

So, yeah … moving day. That's what I (we) made today. Peace.


Anonymous said...

wow, that's impressive! I've always wanted chickens...

& love the pictures of The Boy...especially the last one where I can hear him saying 'Ta Da!!' ;-)

Phillip Allen said...

Don' know nuttin' 'bout birds, but havin' a Boy is mighty fine.

Alicia Louise McKitis Tremper said...

Thanks for allowing us to follow the kids on their journey. How many Henny Pennys do you have? They look excited about the prospect of fresh spring munchies!

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Yeah, Debra, it was a TaDa moment ~ our mobile ark is much heavier than one might expect!

So true, Mr. Allen!

We have only three, Alicia (want more!) and they have the run of the place, so fresh, spring munches have been theirs since the snow melted. :)

Kim said...

Great Pics of the boy - I'm sure the girls will love their summer abode. They have the best care takers.

charlie b. said...

Such a cute little henhouse. Just seeing the photo of your hens checking out the wheels makes me laugh. I know how curious they can be. They're probably happy to be in a new spot. My hens have been enjoying the new spring grass.

My Garden Diaries said...

Now that is just super fantastic! It looks like a cozy space for your girls! The cold weather is hopefully on its way out here too! Happy planting!

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

We do love our happy little hens, Kim. :)

Oh, charlie b., they are often *beyond* curious ~ and outright nosey! :D

And happy planting to you too, My Garden Diaries!

Thanks, all!

Heather said...

hurray, he did it! so nice to have several hands on the job!! looks like a good hen house, Heather x