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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Waiting in Randomness

Today is a day in-waiting for me. It's the kind of day one fills with randomness.

A few details were tended to this morning.
Clothes and other take alongs are organized for packing, which I'm putting off until I grasp a bit of understanding as to why I'm putting it off.
I had a nice thank you card, but I can't find it now. I guess I'll have to pick up another.
I tidied a bit, even collected a little dust, but there's still plenty of it, and dog hair too, to help my weekend angel feel comfortable. That's my story and, yeah, I'm stickin' with it.
Lunch take-alongs for tomorrow are thought through. I think. Some are prepared and ready for the cooler.
I'll be making some flat bread shortly for the travels.
I have kale to cook.
And broccoli  to harvest.
Files holding papers that might be handy when meeting with the attorney are packed and ready for the ride.
Directions are reviewed, documented even. Even for the places I know, and know well. And if I think about it, I know them all.
The less thinking I have to do over these next few days, the better. I'll be more able to keep myself present, in the moment, as a witness to the Eternal Now.
Ashes, Mass, reception and the assorted details are in place.
The cars are gassed up.
All I need to do now is unwind my mind, enjoy some of this glorious afternoon, and later, get a good night's rest.

Tomorrow is the travel.
Saturday is the Memorial Mass.
Today is a day for my mind to wander, with absolute randomness, as I await this closing bell.



Tammie Lee said...

sending calmness
and light

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Best wishes to you, Rose. Peace and joy . . . Catherine

Dawn Hill said...

Blessings, love, light and peace my friend.

Kim said...

Blessings and love on your journey and strength to face the shadows

Miss Val's Creations said...

I hope your travels went well and you were able to stay in the present. Things are always better when the little stuff has been taken care of.