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Friday, August 23, 2013

A True Reserve

Today I harvested pak choy, lettuce greens, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes (they're finally coming ripe), so dinner will be good tonight. And then some.

I harvested calendula flowers, goldenrod blossoms and violet leaves and started some more infused oils.

I made some art and finally bottled some mead that's been sitting in its carboy for all too long. I had labeled this "emergency mead" and recalled having to scramble to make it with what I had on hand for reasons akin to poor planning in the moment. I had to pull out my brewing notes to see what was in it … and it looks to be rose petal mead, but I left the name as is … because, hey … you never know. Right?

That's what I made today.



Nichola said...

Lovely! I'm jelly because calendula doesn't want to grow for us here. I love good mead... the hubby made some whren we were married for propper toasting and celebrating :-)

Debi said...

I would love to taste that! I will visit again to learn more! Thank you for visiting me! xoDebi

Dawn Hill said...

Reminds me of a batch Leo brewed up one time. He mixed and tasted and mixed and tasted..and tasted. Then he came down the stairs sideways and took a nap! When he woke up he could not remember what he had mixed so it became Mystery Mead. :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

How wonderful! I have actually never tried mead before. There is a place locally that gives mead making tours which I would love to check out.