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Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Honor to Sustenance

This morning I made my way to the Norfolk, CT Farmers' Market to pick up a few things to supplement my own garden harvests. I didn't grow any yellow wax beans so I picked up some of those and canned them. I figure at least a couple of those jars will go to my mother-in-law, since she always seemed to like the yellow beans and was an avid canner in her younger days. I'm confident she'll appreciate and enjoy them. I also made time in the kitchen to cook beet roots, beet greens, as well as get the apples, fennel, cucs, eggplant and melon all washed and ready for whatever inspires me. Some will likely hit the grill this evening along with the happy spare ribs that are marinating in a kick-ass marinade I whipped together with my spicy tomato jam, garlic scape brine, onion, garlic, bread-n-butter pickle juice, a little smoked paprika, chipotle and a touch of garam masala.

I made time to play in my art journal, adding a bit of "today" to the yet-to-be-completed entries from yesterday and the day before.

Yeah. I honored some of the things that nourish and sustain me in ways most meaningful. That's what I made today.



Jo said...

I have some late French beans that will be coming in the next few weeks and we have been picking blackberries today for cake (see recipe on Tuesday) and we make wine. Jo x

greekwitch said...

You have an award!

Karen Stewart Elliott said...

Love the pictures of the wax beans that have been canned and the picture of your art journal page. Your posts always make me want to be a gardener!

Jennifer Shelby said...

love those peaceful beets!

Sharkbytes said...

I Rose- I am trying to re-collect some of the blogs I used to read regularly. Nice to see you are still here. Good looking beans, and I SO envy your art books.

Rick Forrestal said...

There's a time for canning (great pic) and a time
for creative journaling (also nice.)
Great post.

Tammie Lee said...

oh my my
you create such artful things
whether in your journal or kitcen