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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busy with Business

Today I made grand effort and, consequently, was as busy as a … well … you see what I mean.

That is all.



Anonymous said...


i did a fair bit of buzzing myself, today...and feel subsequently rather smug.

smug enough to pause for a cuppa before carrying on...


Dori T said...

Been busy here too. This must be national Busy Day. LOL


Ladytruenorth said...

As you do to my little corner. We are sister gardeners though mine is a 'meadow' (read tangled wild mess lol) but I do have a meyer lemon ripening on the kitchen balcony. Now if only I could get to arting! Thank you for commenting! Blessings.

kelly hoernig said...

we share the love of bees and sunflowers, love the simplicity of the days message!