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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Supper Harvest

Today I made time in the gardens. I know … this is already getting old, yet 'tis the season, and there's plenty of it remaining. I planted more seeds … squash, kale, napa cabbage, turnip, rutabaga and parsnip. I harvested broccoli, baby leeks and a couple of onions (pulled those up by mistake) and they will all be part of the giant frittata I'll be making for supper with our happy hens' eggs.

I invested my morning in preparing a background for this week's journal spread, and played a little in the studio with some other things. I kinda wish I'd captured the background before I spread the gesso over the space upon which my image will go. It was one of those backgrounds that you hesitate working over, know what I mean? But it's a background. That was the intention all along, so you add to it. In any event, the gardens seem to be showing up everywhere in my life. And that is as it "should" be.

Now I'm going to fix a hot cup of tea, head out to the deck, sit, take a nice long, deep breath, followed by a long, slow exhale … and dream a bit.

That's what I made today.



Ginger (Gin) said...

Making peace... I love that. (and it sounds like a lovely day)

Kim Elovirta said...

Your backgrounds are so lovely. What a great foundation for your art and life.

Kim Elovirta said...

Your backgrounds are so lovely. What a great foundation for your art and life.

Cynthia Lee said...

the background looks magical and mystical. Very nice.

Kathleen Wilson said...

Sounds like a fabulous day. Thanks for sharing

Cathy said...

Beautiful background. The garden never gets old this time of year. What a wonderful supper to enjoy fresh from the garden.

Anonymous said...

I felt the rhythm of your day through your peaceful and rooted. Made me wish I'd spent the day in your garden and shared a good breath over a cup of tea!

Bevie said...

I'm getting ready to can tomatoes. A garden (mine are raised beds so I can work it) brings fresh, and safe veggies for the family...blessings dear..

Tammie Lee said...

lovely idea
to breathe
and dream a bit
i think i will do the same