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Monday, August 5, 2013

Value Transformed

This morning, while going through stuff and preparing yet another box for our local Thrift Shop I found two sets of vintage maracas that my mom gave me when she moved from Delaware to New York. I'm a big fan of all-things-rhythmic, so these stay with my percussion collection, for now anyway.

Among my stuff to release is a mask that I created years ago with a goddess group. This didn't go in the box for the Thrift Shop, rather it now hangs it on my deck, where the elements will work their magic to return its organic parts back to the earth from which they were born. And those maracas, the ones pictured above … they accompanied me in this ceremony, joining me in raising energy and awareness for value invested, value gained, and value transformed. And I shall be witness to this, all of this, in the coming days.

And I harvested the last of the garlic.

That's what I made today.



RedSpiralHand said...

This is awesome...I, too, harvested garlic today...

You reminded me of some simple truths...I've been struggling.

Thank you!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I always have an ongoing box to add to for the Salvation Army store. Once it is full I bring it by for someone else to find those goodies and enjoy them.

Your mask is amazing! How perfect to pull it out and hang it outside. It looks like it belongs there.

The garlic looks delicious!

Unknown said...

I remember the making of the mask and honor your process of letting it go

Anonymous said...

oh, the ever-cycle of energy exchange....mmm...first law of thermodynamics and the universe ;)

loved very much