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Monday, October 7, 2013

Remarkable Medicine

My spouse was on vacation this past week, so I took some "time off" as well, so to speak. I was able to get out to New York state and finalize the move and storage of Little Rita's belongings, so now they are close by for me to sort and tend to with ease and at my convenience. The rest of the week has been filled with preserving garden harvests. I've dried egyptian onion tops, tomatillos, tomatoes, leeks and beans. My dehydrator is still working as I type.

I've started a number of ferments and have more than what's pictured here. I've got fermented red tomato juice, spicy green tomato juice, peppers, beans, beets all doing their thing, and others already put away in cool storage, and others already delved into! I love fermented foods.

I've harvested most of the winter squash and still have tomatoes, peppers, beans, basils and other "tenders" to get to before any frosts show up. The late crops are producing nicely and we'll have harvests of beets, turnips, rutabaga, peas, broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, brussel sprouts, egyptian onions and assorted lettuce greens for some time.

Tending to the garden this autumn has been remarkable Medicine for me, for it is the first autumn in I-don't-know-how-long that I've been able to really focus on it.

This past week has been peppered with beginning the set-up of a wellness studio outside of my home, something that has been brewing in the depths of my cauldron for years … something that is now bubbling up and boiling over into a lovely manifestation. More remarkable Medicine.

As for today, I made another green tomato cake early this morning to bring along on a visit to a dear, dear friend, where three of us shared coffee, tea, cake, friendship and mutual support. That, too, is remarkable Medicine.

So that's what I've been making … this week … and today.



Unknown said...

What a wonderful gift from the universe to be able to do all this. I have no idea how to do most of this, but living in a apartment doesn't really lend itself to this type of endeavor. When we are able to get the house we are working towards, maybe then I can put in at least a small garden.

Healing Woman said...

Your wellness studio idea sounds enticing. I cannot wait to see the posts of all your jars, filled to the brim with healing properties-just as you have shown on your blog. It's wonderful to have the time to focus on what is important. Really liked this post.

claudia said...

My first day off in I don't know when. Love to hear of your harvests and preserves. Would love to have time this fall and do some gardening. You're an inspiration to me! thank you

Alicia Louise McKitis Tremper said...

Thank you dear Rose, as always for your grounding influence and friendship <3

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Remarkable medicine from a remarkable, loving woman!

Sharkbytes said...

Wonderful! My medicine is walking and I've been doing more of it this week.

Tammie Lee said...

how very nice that you have had the time to harvest in a way that feels good to you. it all sounds so GOOD.

sandy said...

wow love your blog! Read you lost your mother back in June - that's always difficult - it's been 28 years for me - can't get over that it's been that long.

So interesting to read your posts here - i'll be back.

Unknown said...

It's endearing to see your blog posts on all you do that makes you feel at peace, at once brightening the hearts & souls of others ;) My dad was also a "child of the earth," gardening daily, harvesting and sharing with us, his very large family. The best part is still reaping rewards & extending it to future generations! Bless you & thanks always Rose!