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Friday, January 3, 2014

Time to Art Journal

Next week I'll be teaching two journal-making workshops at my sweet little studio at Whiting Mills in Winsted, Connecticut, and I'm excited about them! We'll be learning a super-simple method of bookbinding to create our very own handmade journals. I have Effy Wild to thank for teaching me this method, and I'm so grateful to her for it. I've been rather addicted to the process since I learned it and use only my own handmade journals for my art journaling. I'm creating some others for writing and for sketching too. It's such a joy!

On my shelves you'll discover handmade journals created by others, as well as my old moleskins that I started with many years ago. I almost always have a journal with me, no matter where I am or where I go. Journals are just another bit of holistic Goodness in my Medicine bag. Know what I mean?

But it's art journaling that is my dedicated daily practice. I fill journal after journal with color, texture, symbols, forms, words, feeling, heart, and play! Again, Good Medicine.

As the pages fill, the journals line up on the shelves like loving sentries, colorful faeries, divine guides. And they are those things, and more.

So if you're anywhere near the northwest hills of Connecticut I'll hope you'll join us to learn this wonderful skill on either Thursday evening, January 9 or Sunday afternoon, January 12

As for now, I have a fire to tend, heArt journaling to do, and who knows what else? 



Sharkbytes said...

Awesome! But I find that I like the books so much I can't bear to fill them with my crummy scribblings. All blank books ever given to me remain blank. :-(

Bird said...

Hi Rose, how I wish I lived near you because I would LOVE to take this class from you. I look at people's art journals online and I admire and marvel at their work. I think yours are so pretty and I would love to know how to do this myself.

Bright blessings and much success and fun in your classes,

sandy said...

Love the images of your journals - so beautiful.

Kim said...

I do love the colors and all the textures you share with us. And you are so right about it being the best medicine.

Sharkbytes......I used to be like you and I wanted to cherish each journal but I encourage you to take a step out of your box and write or draw something in one,it is a way of releasing your inner being. It feels good!

Debi said...

Gorgeous journals! Every ONE! xoDebi

Tammie Lee said...

yes, i know what you mean art journals as a bit of holistic Goodness in my Medicine bag!

I wish you and all a grand time in your class, how fun and wonderful!

It is so fun,to see your piles of journals! wahoo wonderful.

Sweet and wonderful 2014 to you!!

Kerri Farley said...

Now that would be something I would LOVE to learn!!

PiaRom said...

What a feast for the eye to see your colorful journals :) ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

Unknown said...

Those colours are so vibrant and inviting Happy New Year to You

froebelsternchen said...

wonderful and pretty are theese all!
Have fun with teaching the class!

Glad to found your blog and I would really appreciate you joining


from Austria!
Thank you for your kind words for me!

Anonymous said...

Th photo where we can send the all those journal ends? Awesome! Just so much goodness. Pity I live half a world away, I'd love to do a class with you. I got here via cjs14; it's nice to meet you and see your art.

Thyme2dream said...

I plan this year to make the time to focus on journaling again, thank you for the bright reminder! :-)

Thyme2dream said...

I plan this year to make the time to focus on journaling again, thank you for the bright reminder! :-)

sheila 77 said...

These journals look fascinating and very colourful, I would love to come to your workshop but it's a bit far.

buterfliecrafter said...

Luscious books