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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quiet Curling

So a week or two ago I aggravated an old back injury. I took it slow 'n' easy for a day or two, ramped up my lower back exercises and bounced back. Good deal. Yesterday I was working in the garden (as I am most days in this season) and felt a twinge. Anyone who's endured a back injury knows the twinge of which I speak. Am I right?

So I took a break, had another cup of oat straw infusion, did some gentle stretches and decided I'd just plant a few more seeds. So I did. I got another rotation of lettuce in, and kohlrabi, and turnip, and beets and then came the twinge-O-rama.

It took many deep breaths and a deeper reach into the depths of my Will to get myself upright and moving. I got myself back to the deck and comfortable on a chair and observed my surroundings as my standard query swirled within me, "What are you are manifesting?"

In that moment so much information danced around me it was impossible to take it all in. My eyes settled on the morning glories, long curled up for many hours in the late afternoon sunshine. Contrary they are, or so it seems, when one compares them to their contemporaries. But there they were, tugging at my attention, reminding me that my intention was to ramp things down that day (and this coming month), suggesting that I, like them, do my own thing without consideration to the goings-on of the external world.

"You promised to slow down, to take care of yourSelf, over a year ago. Have you done that?" they asked?

I recognized, in that moment, that I had not. In my passionate desire to get myself back "out there" after (at least) seven years of a loving life-diversion, I jumped back into My Life Desires without taking the break for which I had so, so yearned. After all, it was during those years that my back started acting up. And in addition to forging ahead with my own Desires, I'm still tidying up residuals from those years.

I have a lot to sort through. I have a lot to consider. I have plans and priorities to reassess. And what I see now, with distinct clarity, is that I must be willing to curl up in the dazzling Truth of my own Nature, even when the world around me is blooming … even when I feel the tug to bloom along with it. And when I  bloom in accordance to my own Natural rhythm I will see, recognize, and honor the inner light that has my best interests at heart and that will best guide me on this journey. And my light will shine, shimmer and dazzle all the more.

So today I make time and space for quietly curling up with with the Light of My Own Dreams. With no distractions. And in doing so I shall discover the Medicine I most need.



Jen said...

Very well said. I hope your back feels better soon.

Carol said...

I feel your pain. Pretty much going through the same right now. I've been telling myself to slow down for weeks and now I'm down for the count. It's so hard for me to slow down and give up but sometimes the choice is made for you .

Sharkbytes said...

Take care! That blossom looks like the light is coming right out of it.

JoZart Designs said...

Take care and use the colour of those beautiful flowers to generate and aid your healing. At times it is better to be sensible rather than reckless!
Hope you recover soon....