Google+ What I Made Today: August heART - Kerri's Wild Bouquet

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August heART - Kerri's Wild Bouquet

It would seem that my friend Kerri has developed a botanical passion, for she's been busy identifying the wild rooted ones on her land. Even at night, with a flashlight. She had a photo of wildflowers that she wanted to share here, but she doesn't have a blog (or the like).

Oh, sure, I could have posted her photo, but I interpreted it in this sketch instead.

So that's my August heART for today. I hope you'll share some of yours, too. Just add your link below and join the blog party!


Dori T said...

I <3 reading your blog posts. You are just inspiring to me. Thank you!!

Carol said...

Love this!!! So much better than a photo of the wildflowers ♥

Sharkbytes said...

Love the casual sketches!