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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Autumn heART - A Modicum of Mantel

The much needed rains have arrived, so the roofing dudes probably won't be here today. Though one said they might show up to get the attic insulation done. In any event, their work yesterday was efficient, effective and ever-so tidy. As they were finishing up for the day (just before the sky started spitting) I thought to myself, "even Rita would approve." Rita was my mom. She was ... quite particular.

Between cooking, fermenting, some harvesting and other home-tasks, I managed a quick pen sketch of a section of my fireplace mantel.

I wasn't sure if I'd make time to add the watercolor, so I snapped the ink sketch yesterday. This morning I added color and figured I'd share both today. It's funny, too, how I see some color continuity that was missed in this digital image. I may go back to touch up that detail. Similar to how I saw the missing wick as I was adding color. Details, details.

Today's details will be busted in the afternoon when I take my neighbor to a long-overdue lunch. She retired months ago, and I promised her a lunch at a favored tea room, because lunch is what retired folk (and the self-employed) can do. Maybe I'll do some sketching at the tea room. Wouldn't be the first time snippets show up in a journal!

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sheila 77 said...

Hello Rose, I like your line drawing and painting of the mantle, very effective.

Sharkbytes said...

Love what you did with the color on that one. Changes it completely!

froebelsternchen said...

great drawing and watercoloring Rose! Have a fine day!

Healing Woman said...

Lovely watercolor of your mantle. There is something very satisfying about creating small watercolors.

Wonder what you will sketch from the tea room? I'll watch for it in one of your posts.

Unknown said...

I like the sketching of the mantle and the watercolours definitely added to its beauty.Your comment abt your mom being particular made me smile.:-)