Google+ What I Made Today: October 2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Introspective Revelations of the Season

It's about time I dropped in to say merry October, eh?

Every year I forget how busy autumn is for me. And how solitary. And this year many aspects of the "growing season" (as they say) are extending deep into October. So still, every day, I have harvests and preserves to consider. I mean, I'm still harvesting tomatoes, basil and other tender produce! I am both grateful and suspicious of this extended "garden season." I mean, our summer was so cool, and many of the "summer crops" were lagging behind. This strange October is allowing these lagging crops to offer me "more," and for that I am so very grateful. Yet this occurrence also conjures my observations of Nature over the past 20 years or so, and the odd shifts that I've witnessed.

First, the robins showing up in February, all those years ago. And now, for the past several years, I see them all winter long.

These observations inspire my evolving dedication to the choices I make in this life. I know that my choices, my behavior, my actions have an impact not only on my own life, but also on yours, and on the generations that have come before us, and on those that follow us. Make no mistake.

October is, historically, a very hermit-like and introspective month for me. And this month, so far, is yielding what seems to be profound clarity surrounding my life's passions.

With that, I have tomatoes to pick, basil to harvest, eggplants to check ... and - more in tune with my historical rhythms - horseradish to dig. Sacred acts, one and all, imbued with quiet introspection as I pick, harvest, check, dig and do.