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Friday, December 5, 2014

Final Preps for the Holiday Open Studios & Guest Artist Event

It's hard to believe that this is the weekend of our Holiday Open Studios & Guest Artists Event at Whiting Mills in Winsted, Connecticut. Once again, tempus fugit!

Now, I know many of you loyal visitors here at the blog are out of my region, yet I am excited for this weekend event, so I beg your forgiveness if this post is of no interest to you. Then again, you may be wishing to transport yourself to my little corner of the world by the end of this entry.

I feel blessed to have studio space within the walls of this historic building ... home to gifted and inspired artists, craftspeople, photographers, woodworkers, unique studios and shops ~ makers and doers of every kind! And this weekend is one of two weekends a year we all join forces to swing our doors wide and open our hearts in unison to our community ~ near and far.

You can learn more about Whiting Mills and "visit" many of the studios here.

As for me, I'll be having a PWYW (Pay What You Wish) weekend in my studio. All my creations ~ craft, art and herbal ~ are priced by the buyer, according to the value they place on the item and in a way that fits into their budget. In other words, make an offer and I'll accept it. This is a fun experiment for me. I've done this with various services over the years, but not with product. I'm looking forward to it!

I'll be serving nettle leaf infusion shots and doing some mixed media "metallic" art demonstrations on Saturday ... and serving Holy Basil shots and opening my heART journals (for all to see) on Sunday.

Not only that, I have two inspired makers joining me in my studio! 

Doreen Breen of Soul Threads will be sharing space on both Saturday and Sunday. She's a maker of unique, one of a kind wearable art. She felts and dyes, and knits and sews, and often combines her many skills into a single piece. So, so, so cool! I have a few of her pieces and love them all! You can see some of her creations here.

Kim Elovirta of Raven's Edge, LLC will be joining us on Saturday to share her herbal-based lotions and potions for beautiful skin. You know I make my own such things, but I also make purchases from Kim. Her lotions are fantastic and her lavender lime soap supplements my own homemade soap coffers. In fact, it was Kim who taught me to make my own soap, so many years ago! You can follow her blog here and peruse and purchase her creations here!

Along with all the resident talents, there will be other visiting artists, crafters, authors and more throughout the studios and the building ... and I always encourage visitors to be sure to take a ride on the historic and delightfully decked-out freight elevator that is operated by the charming and talented Steven Silvester for these events.

Plus, there will be musical entertainment, including one of my favored musicians and storytellers, the inspired Joseph FireCrow, who will be with us both days. What a gift!

So yeah ... today I'm making all the final preparations for this wonderful event. An event that nurtures community, our local economy and so much more.

If you're anywhere near the northwest hills of Connecticut, join us! And if you're not, tell me how much you wish you were!



crafty creations said...

Hello Rose and thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.

I am intrigued by your weekend it sounds amazing and how I wish I could visit - sadly I live miles away in the United Kingdom

Have a wonderful and I hope prosperous weekend

sheila 77 said...

How exciting. Open studios are always fascinating to visit and the lift looks terrific. Hope all goes well and you get lots of happy visitors.

Sharkbytes said...

That would be a neat event to go to. And it's the first I've realized where in the world you live. Love the building, the idea, everything about it.

Anonymous said...

looks like a fab building..and I like visiting different places over the net