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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Return to the Sketch Pad as Medicine

I've returned to carrying a sketch pad and pen with me at all times. It's a fine reunion. Whether I'm inspired to capture a moment in ordinary time or pause for a centering, meditative doodle, I'm ready.

From a holistic perspective, this is yet another remedy to support and promote wellness, another gift of the universal Medicine bag. Creative expression, in all its forms, can be such powerful Medicine.

We need to remember this. We need to resurrect this. We need to practice this. All of us.

So go. Create something today. Something small. Something ordinary. Something simple. Something extraordinary. Something. Anything.

Do it with conscious awareness, with love, and offer gratitude for the Medicine that it is.

You'll feel it. The Medicine. I promise.



froebelsternchen said...

Medicine for sure ... great idea to take the sketch book with you!You are an excellent sketcher!

Happy Sunday!

GlorV1 said...

I've been taking my Ipad with me since I have a program for sketching. I actually need a mini Ipad.:) Hope you are doing well and of course love your sketches.

Kim said...

This is so true. I have aways said my creativity was my prozac.

Tanja said...

Thank you for sharing this thought! I feel that in wintertime it's vital to meditate and seek balance. Creative activities surely do both. :)

Carol said...

i do find that if I create or at least work on something creative every day I am a happier and more balanced person. If I go for long periods of time with out being creative I become bitchy and depressed and very un-nice to be around.

Anonymous said...

YES! I do regularly sketchbook/art journal carrying and using since a few weeks, too and it is "balm for the soul" - a quote I only know in German, I don't know if it is correctly translated. Have a wonderful week with creativity every day and thank you for encouraging me with your lovely comment ;)

JoZart Designs said...

I second all you say. If I don't create something, anything, the tiniest thing it's a guaranteed way to a downer for me. It's an even better uplift if I make something for someone else filled with love.
What did I do today? I drafted a pattern and made stage by stage samples for my "Owl Bag" as all my friends in my quilt group want to make it. I also drew some motifs to appliqué on to a quilt.
I too take a sketchbook everywhere I go. It's the greatest way to get to know people when travelling as I invariably get asked what I am doing.
Jo x
Jo x

carol l mckenna said...

wonderful sketching ~ very stylistic and creative!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol

Sharkbytes said...

I am creating a clean space- not something I do nearly often enough. For now, that is making me happy. Just love your doodles, though. I must be too uptight to do that well.