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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Painted Meditation, Abstract Medicine

Yesterday I completed three canvases (whatever complete means) and I wasn't necessarily compelled to cut them up for other art-making. This kinda surprised me... with skeptical delight.

You see, this is the work of Nona Entropy. Of this, there can be no doubt. She's been whispering to me for months, increasing the volume with every message, so that now I hear (and feel) her daily. Her core mantra, "Don't be so damned literal" is sometimes following up with, "Not all the time, anyway," just to temper her tone. Turns out, now that she's got my full attention, she's a demanding wench. A little scary. But not enough to sever this intriguing relationship. And this surprises me not one iota.

The painting on the left started several months ago, before I was consciously aware of Nona Entropy's presence, and was "finished" only two days ago. The painting on the right started weeks ago and I glazed it two days ago. The painting at center was started days ago and was likewise glazed the day before yesterday.

I could distract you to tears with seasonal stories of missing tactile communing with the rooted ones, of visiting them in realms of our shared creation, tangible and "not," and of how this all relates to the manifestation of these paintings, and the escalating journey this experience has offered ... but I'll spare you.

Simple. Complex. Light. Dark. Bright. Dim. Chaos. Order. Skeptical. Compliant. So far. Yes. That's what she says. So I repeat it for you.

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Wishing you a creative day.



Jeanne Fry Art said...

Gorgeous, deep, and engaging. I like Nona Entropy :)

Susan said...

I love abstracts. These are gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I really like your color choices, Rose, and I love how you describe your creative process. Great blog!

Tammie Lee said...

these are gorgeous! I love looking at them.

i have been told that i am So literal. i never realized it until two people said it.

Tammie Lee said...

wow, i don't have to click on the i'm not a robot, simply click publish and it works, cool to find out.

Unknown said...


Christine said...

Wonderful inspired pieces!

Little Artbee said...

So wonderful inspiring artworks, the right to make meditation with it.
Love, light and peace for you

Sharkbytes said...


Cindy D. said...

While I may not have understood all those things in your blog post, I can tell you are on a positive journey of art and other things! It sounds nice! Beautiful colors the blue/green abstracts, and with a peaceful quality. The red one feels a bit more tense. :D

Deepa Gopal said...

Wonderful pieces here! Love all three of them :)
Thanks for visiting my space :)

froebelsternchen said...

GORGEOUS artwork!

PiaRom said...

They are just wonderful, so rich, deep and meaningfull! Especcially love the one in the middle ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling