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Sunday, January 25, 2015

We Three Queens - A Crone Inspired Sketch

As a part of a larger holistic exercise, I've been going through art books, scrolling classic art images online, even perusing way-back-machine drawings of my own, as a method to seek inspiration for some kind of daily mind-bend in the form of a quick sketch in one of my journals or sketchpads. Or any scrap of paper, if that's all I have in the moment.

Sometimes it's a quick "copy," or an adaptation, or an interpretation, or sometimes it stretches beyond those things to pure inspiration. And that inspiration is a piece of what I'm after.

This daily exercise is already opening pathways to how I see and experience my world/s ~ the "ordinary" world around me, as well as the other ... less ordinary realms.

This little drawing, "We Three Queens," was inspired by an old book cover. The charming, stylized illustration appealed to me and I wanted to capture its simple quirkiness, and as I began, the voice of my inner crone spoke up and made a suggestion. Thus we have this representational adaptation. And a fitting adaptation it is, for the rule-of-gender has been a repeating theme for me lately.

I'll be returning to this little sketch at some point to add color, and possibly see what else might emerge from the deeper inspiration. In the meantime, I'm sharing it with you and with Sunday Sketches ~ so click on over to see other sketchful inspirations!
That's what I made today.



Unknown said...

What a great source to use for your inspiration. Love your line and can't wait to see the ladies in color.
~ karen

carol l mckenna said...

Love the inspired crone's sketch ~ like your 'ladies' ~

Happy Sunday,
artmusedog and carol

Christine said...

very nice, it reminds me of playng cards.

Alexandra MacVean said...

Rose, I LOVE LOVE your 3 kings. Fabulous line work. So glad you joined us and I hope you return this week. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Maybe I will draw a picture today. Maybe I'm too tired. But I always like yours.

GalleryJuana said...

I am the same way: once the urge to draw hits, whatever paper is nearest becomes the canvas for the sketch. Love how your pen drawing came out and the process behind it. Thanks for the sunday sketch visit!

Unknown said...

Love the Crone Queens