Google+ What I Made Today: February 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Bear Medicine

Last weekend I started an intuitive painting. You know, just puttin' paint to canvas without expectation. As I worked on (what are now) the background layers, a shape emerged, and it asked for attention. I honored it by giving the form some definition. What came through was Bear Medicine.

The practice of intuitive painting and drawing is common for me. It's a space to which I'm drawn. And there's a metaphor of Word. And it's an active space to which Nona Entropy has bound me.

All the same, it seems that lately it's taking a turn. A turn toward discipline, or ~ some might say ~ obsession. It's taken a turn toward expansion of meaning and healing too: Medicine. Thank you, Nona E.

In any event, I was perplexed by the emergence of Bear and have been sitting with the mystery of it all week. Today ... today I begin to see and feel inside the shadow of that mystery. To Bear witness. Today, my mother, Little Rita, would have been celebrating her birthday. This past week also held the birthday of my mother-in-law. And there it is: Bear Medicine. Or, at least an aspect of it. A place for me to sink a root or two ...  until I "finish" this latest work in progress, "Bear Medicine."

And I share this WIP with my artful friends at this week's Paint Party Friday ... and, as it turns out, with the tail end of February's Art Journal Journey!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Magnificent Medicine

This final aspect of this week's art journal spread is a continuation of that Foundation of Trust, where faces and figures emerge from the random colors of the background.

That a community of figures has formed in this way - in this stage of relationship with Nona Entropy, as I meditate (in part) on my place, role and interactions with my human community - is fascinating to me.

And this experience, which I'm sharing with Sunday Sketches, validates (yet again) the magnificent Medicine that lies within the heART of art journaling. Or, so it seems.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Foundation of Trust

This silly little segment of this week's art journal spread is a continuation of the color play I gently mentioned in "An Opening and Embrace," where creating the background was born without conscious thought on anything but color. When those colors set, I sat with them, and a figure spontaneously emerged, so I sketched it in, fast and raw, with a Derwent Inktense block. Then I saw another ... and so on, until this odd little community formed. The bird creature, a fitting inspiration from Art Journal Journey, was added to the clan, along with random doodling with various pens.

More words have been added since this image was captured. More words inspired by Nona Entropy. Words that offer insight into her verve, her consorts, and this path she's led me down. Or up. And I find myself trusting the Nature of Chaos more and more each day.

This is new to me. Or so it seems. And I shall build on it.



Friday, February 6, 2015

An Opening and Embrace

This weeks' art journal spread was conceived amid Nona Entropy, friendship, and of random color. Bold and bright. Then subdued. The first image to emerge was a house, a symbol of home and all that that means. The roof rhino climbed on board, a whimsical honor to love and ripening, and all that that means.

Nona Entropy is gaining my trust, and my honor, as I open my (red) door to let her in, all the way... as I embrace her, hold her close, witness her beauty and absorb her poetic whispers.

An external door knob been's added, by the way. And Nona E's been given a key.

Today I share this segment of my art journal spread with my creative friends of Paint Party Friday, and I invite you to click through to visit the many inspired contributors this week!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Avena sativa - A Visual Meditation

I've been preparing for my February Herb of the Month and this art journal entry is just one facet of my preparations. This sketch will be embellished with color and, quite possibly, more words. In the meantime, I'm sharing this with some newfound artful friends at Sunday Sketches, so click on over to see and enjoy other sketchful inspirations!