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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Savory Sage Stew

March roared in like a lion, not in terms of our ordinary, external weather, rather in terms of my own inner environment.

I discovered myself feeling feelings I had not felt in quite a while. Feelings I recognized. Feelings that demanded my attention, and begged for greater intimacy. Feelings that, in those days of memory, had become mindless and mechanical ... routine, and thereby unripe for exploration and excavation for no other reason than: Who had the time and energy for such a daily effort?

That was then. This is Now.

"Now," March roared, through the voice of Nona E, "you will make the time and invest the energy."

The feelings came to me in flavors of darkness and discomfort... anger and angst... sorrow and satire. And I recognized them as favored flavors that I seek to savor.

all you can do is love

i stewed
i sipped
i savored
i saw old in new shimmer
and new in old glimmer
and the roar hushed
and the cauldron foamed
and steamed to a simmer
i skimmed the scum
i seasoned the soup
i sipped and supped
i sensed the sage
and settled



froebelsternchen said...


Phillip Allen said...

Praise Nona!

Unknown said...


Tammie Lee said...

a worthwhile adventure/stew

Sharkbytes said...

Love the poem. Now you are talking my language.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We have come back many tinmes to read your words,,,
heart felt words.

Unknown said...

She has been demanding of attention of late, yes? ((hugs)) I hope to attain some level of tactile resolution in the very near future. Thank you for the reminder that i am not alone.

Lisabella Russo said...

What a wonderful image and your poetry is lovely!