Google+ What I Made Today: The Wings of Ugly Forgiveness

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Wings of Ugly Forgiveness

This journal spread was several weeks in the making. Funny how something so ugly can take so long to manifest. And, let me be clear, I choose that word ~ ugly ~ from a place of observance, not of judgement. March has been a rather ugly month, ripe with blind conflict, snow and cold that just won't quit, and Nona E just badgering me with endless challenges.

In fact, the right page of this spread is a message straight from the ol' wench.

All the same, the month flew by ... on the wings of ugly forgiveness. Like a strange angel.

Yeah. And I'm really looking forward to the cleansing baptism of the April showers. Yes I am. And I'm sharing this healing ugliness with my creative friends at Mix It Monthly and Art Journal Journey.



Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely piece Rose - I hope your April will be kind to you! Hugs, Valerie

PiaRom said...

You are so funny! I always love to read your posts and enjoy your great pages! How sweet the quirky angel! I so love the color and the golden leaves on the wings and head! Awesome art! ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

chrissie said...

A fine piece of art for this challenge and well worth the effort you put into it
Thank you for joining us
Love Chrissie AJJ guest hostess xx

craftytrog said...

Such a great piece Rose, I love your ugly angel!

johanna said...

at least he has a heartshaped face, so not everything is lost... but of course i wish you a better April. love the Colors!

Unknown said...

Ans such beauty in the ugliness. May the April showers be cleansing and healing and full of beauty and love

froebelsternchen said...

I love your forgiveness duck Rose!
Great you linked it to Art Journal Journey Challenge!
Wish you a lovely April!

Christine said...

Interesting piece, not a light topic!

Anonymous said...

...fascinating kind of angel - hope april will be a good month to you - but believe it will be because I was born in april and like the month very much ;)

Carol said...

March has been a hairy month for sure. Our winter was relatively mild here until March roared it's way in and blasted us with snow and cold and then teased us with warm days to only did into the frigid again. So looking forward to the growth of things in April with it's cleansing rains and warm sunshine. I do find the art rather attractive in it's own unique way ♥

Fritzeline Farbenfroh said...

Thanks for this unique creature. :-)

"Beauty ist not in the face,
Beauty is a light in the heart"

Yes,this unique Bird-Angel shines so bright.


Neesie said...

A very interesting post and fabulous artwork... very unique

bmlilith60 said...

Wonderful art work.

Sharkbytes said...

ugly-charming in its own way

sheila 77 said...

What a very interesting angel - I think she goes well with the words you have used to describe your March.
Hope you have a wonderful April.

Little Artbee said...

Amazing your bird page. May th april become much nicer for you. We have really april weather here in Germany. It rains, few minutes later snow, little later sunshine, really crazy.
But the spring flowers are growing and garden time is beginnig. Wish you a good time in your garden.
Dearest Greetings