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Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Basic Bitters

I love bitters. I love especially enjoy the bitter, spring greens that I consider winter-recovery foods. And I enjoy this basic bitter brew that I make for use in any season. Most often ~ like every day ~ I add a drop 'r three to a glass of water for the fragrance and flavor, as well as the other benefits that the herbs impart.  I know what's in it and that it was made with love.

Organic orange peel, molasses, cardamom, gentian root, quassia, fennel seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud and love go into this fragrant, bitter brew. I use it in cooking, baking and in cocktails in lieu of Angostura bitters as well as in water. I rarely ice my cakes and such, but when I do make icing I almost always add a bit of this to harmonize the cloying sweetness that is inherent to sugary icings. I sometimes add a drop or two to my homemade kombucha, especially if the batch came out a bit sweeter than I like.

I recently shared some "bittered water" with a kind visitor who, upon tasting, asked to buy a bottle. So, while preparing hers, I bottled up a few extras. I'll be offering these at our Whiting Mills Open Studios & Block Party over the first weekend in June. So, if you're in the region of northwest Connecticut ~ living or visiting ~ I hope you'll join us!

That's what I made today.



Tammie Lee said...

love all the ways you use your bitters. very inspiring.
nice that your visitor inspired you to bottle some up to sell.

pauline said...

i had never heard of 'bitters', so thank you! If i was a nearby, i would certainly drop in & buy a few samples. :)