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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Charmed Blessings

It's been a busy week, and then some, and it ain't over yet. Monday kicked off with tying up loose threads and recovering from a wonderfully busy weekend at Whiting Mills' Open Studios. I did manage to start harvesting some beautiful Trifolium pratense, a practice that will continue on dry days throughout the season.

 The gardens are picking up momentum, offering me opportunity for daily harvests as I continue planting. I remind myself that this momentum fires up and excellerates, so I mentally prepare.

 Some plants are already hitting their stride and preparing for their next phase of life, like these egyptian (walking) onions. My small patch of chickweed, which I'm tending with expectation for expansion is almost done flowering and seeding, and is preparing for her summer rest before returning later in the season. Lucky little wench. Yet, she, like the onions, remind me: All things in their own time, space, and at their own pace.

This reminder comforts and calms me, as I push on to complete a busy June schedule, knowing that July is a TaB month for me ~ a "Take a Break" month ~ where I scale back workshops, events and other offerings as I turn my focus on home, hearth, me. The hop strobiles will likely make their appearance during my TaB month. How fitting.

 There's not much time for making art, though I still exact some discipline to journal and sketch. When my waking-day begins to fade, I enjoy evening strolls around my little acre... my little manor... around the spaces I call my little meadow, my little forest. The experience is, to me, a form of creation, of art. And I offer gratitude, deep and broad, for this blessing.

As the week winds down, I will wind up. I'll be hitting the road before the crack of dawn on Friday to pick up my dear friend, Kim of Raven's Edge, LLC, to head north and east to attend the International Herb Symposium. For years I've longed to attend this. For years I've had other life obligations. The source of those obligations has moved on, and I find myself able to feel my roots again, to sink them deep, to grow, blossom, fruit and reclaim some desired sweetness in life. And again: More gratutude.

I live a charmed life. It's not an easy life, as some folks perceive, yet it's a life I dream, do and manifest... and I wouldn't have it any other way.



Healing Woman said...

Your woods are so inviting. I especially love the thick moss growing on the fallen tree limbs and ground. You are busy and happy and certainly do live a charmed life. Thanks for posting.

GlorV1 said...

Hi Rose. What a wonderful life. I love all your photos but the moss on the tree is totally my cup of tea. Wow, it is beautiful. May you have a wonderful TaB month and enjoy all you do. Love your little acre. We too have almost an acre and there is much to do on it but we love it. Take care.

Christine said...

love your photos today!

Carol said...

It's always a joy to visit your world and read about what's going on. Your little acre is beautiful ♥ We have 3 acres and it's becoming more difficult for me to handle. My husband does not enjoy yard work at all and does only what is absolutely necessary. The plants and garden are totally up to me. It I think I am going to have to consider selling and getting a smaller yard.

Lisabella Russo said...

Oh what a gorgeous place your home is! I love the Egyptian walking onions, they are so beautiful I don't like eating onions, but I've never seen any like those before...

Unknown said...

Beautiful gifts of nature. Thank you for sharing those blessings!

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

So beautiful, but I can see the hard work behind it.

Love and hugs

Tammie Lee said...

I imagine you are busy and working a lot, not easy, but good.
your photos are lovely and show the beauty and vitality of what you embrace and create.