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Sunday, November 1, 2015

My Way to November

Green November Blessings!

And amber, umber, crimson and pewter! 

We enter the thick of autumn now, making way and ready for winter's bracing embrace. Our hours of daylight wane ever shorter and the dark of evening takes over and drapes us like a loving mantle. 

The waxing darkness is comforting to me.
I feel that comfort because I seek it. And find it.
I wear the mantle of autumn's shadow like the healing shawl that it is.

I honor this time of year ... when the dead are remembered and celebrated in many traditions... when the shadow of night takes hold... when we look ahead, through the darkness, into the heart of winter, where the promise of light's return resides.

It's a time of year where I embrace the darkness because, like a generous gift, there's so much of it. I pull out my fibers and create by the warmth and light of a fire, I invest more time in the studio and engage all manner of creative expression. It's a time of year where I venerate the light because there's so precious little of it, so I do my best to make the most of it, to leverage the daylight hours to add value and meaning in any way that I am able.

May you engage the light and shadow of November. May you feel the loving warmth of this mantle of comfort. May you seek and find.



Kim said...

Rose, this is so true and I suspect that many do this without ever thinking about it. But thinking is good. Thank you. And enjoy your "blanket".

Carol said...

♥ Well said my friend ♥

Tammie Lee said...

thank you for your lovely thoughts and blessings.
it is all so true. we have crossed a new threshold.