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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Peace and the Power of Love - Blog4Peace

"Peace and the power of love" is this year's Blog4Peace theme and I could take this in so many directions, and it could take me in countless more, yet I shall do my best to ground, center and focus...

My first random thought was this: Peace can be hard. Manifesting and nurturing it takes effort and work. Love can be hard. Manifesting and nurturing it takes effort and work. This is my experience anyway... whether I'm nurturing these tender seeds in my own heart and my own life, in my family and tribe, or in my greater community and world.

I also thought: The words themselves have grown somewhat cliché. They're overused without conscious awareness, like so much of our contemporary communication. And then some. And then I chose to refocus.

And as I sat with this random thinking in the cool, morning sunshine, I guided my awareness into a space of deep quiet and focus. Some call this meditation. I asked that space, "what have been my greatest challenges with respect to this power?"

Here's one that surfaced: I loved my mother. Without doubt or question. And my mother could be very hard to love. There's power in that candid awareness. Regardless of her deeds, behaviors and words, I consistently chose to love her. It could feel obligatory at times, forced even, yet in my personal
tenacity, I consistently chose to love her. Even at times when the cruelest of tortures seemed like they might be welcome options. And long stories short, I am glad for my stubbornness. Why? Because I was able to stay rooted to the love I felt, the love that resided deep in my heart flame, the love ~ with all its challenges ~ that I'm confident I invited when I entered this life. And it's in that love that peace resides. No matter how crazy I'd find myself feeling when listening to or interacting with my mother, I'd remind myself, "all you can do is love her." And it was in that truth that I'd feel peace rise up and spread through my body... it's from that truth that we, my mother and I, were able to nurture peace between us and love one another with greater awareness and appreciation. It's in that truth that I evolved to discover that, no matter how I feel about a situation or the actions and behaviors of an individual, all I can do is love.

You may "have" other options. I imagine I do too. And I admit it can be infuriating at times. But I choose love. And there's power in that choice. And the power nurtures peace.

Within and without.



Jennie Marsland said...

Very true Rose. In the final analysis, all we can do is love.

Akelamalu said...

Peace to you. X

Brian said...

That was a beautiful post and we pray that peace catches on...quickly!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

A touching story. Choosing love is definitely the way to peace, within and without.

Clooney said...

So well said, powerful post. We join you today in blogging for peace.

Cathy Keisha said...

All you need is love and you have plenty of it to give. Peace.

ShannonW said...

Such a powerful post. Peace to you and yours.

Mimi Lenox said...

It truly is a choice. Sometimes a hard choice. But always the right one. There just isn't an alternative.

Thank you for writing such a stirring post, Rose.
I have some things to think about in a new way.

Peace to you and yours,

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, that is deep! Thank you for your powerful and poignant words. Peace IS a choice, but it's the only good choice we have, right?

Peace to you, today and every day.

Travis Cody said...

I've often written in the past that the one thing we'll always have control over in our lives is our choices. It may seem like we don't have any options, but there is always a act or not.

I'm so with you in the choice you love.

Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read that you worked on love and got peace. I hope that continues for you and your mother.

Tammie Lee said...

thank you for this
in this moment it is like a perfect arrow that went straight to my heart
for i have someone who is very challenging- to say the least
somehow i have to choose love over and over again


Tweedles -- that's me said...

You said this so beautifully!

Unknown said...

Love your candor - your awareness. It reminds me when I tell people I love my children - I don't always like them but, I always love them. Many don't get it at first but then the awareness comes over them. That decision to choose love is powerful and definitely is a step, a leap towards peace.

Healing Woman said...

Oh so beautifully said. Yes, I choose love as well. Thanks for posting.