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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reflections of Gratitude

On this day in 2004 I posted my first blog. Since then, the venues have changed a number of times as have the technologies that support them. My early blogs were pure written word, for images weren't even a possibility. A lot has changed over the past eleven years and I am grateful for those changes ~ in my rooted life, as well as those less tangible in my online life.

I reflect back and consider the folks who've been following my follies since those early days, and feel gratitude for the relationships we've forged together over the years. I find myself visiting the blogs of these friends, keeping in touch on Facebook, and in many ways it's like visiting them at their homes, getting glimpses of their daily lives and the passions that fan their heart flames.

I am grateful for the intimacy, the friendship, the love... even if I never meet you in ordinary reality. Thank you for that. You nourish and sustain me ~ and my follies ~ in ways you'll never know. And I am grateful.

And today I'm grateful, too, for our first snow of the season. Peace.


Kim said...

It is always a pleasure Rose to see that you have posted. I often wonder what you are making today or creating. We have yet to get that first snow fall.

Carol said...

Coming here is always rewarding in more ways than you will ever know. I don't always post but most always your little messages reach a part of me that needed something. Like today's reminder to slow down and take care of myself more than I have been recently. We haven't had our first snow yet. Thought it would be today but Mother Nature had other plans. Which is good for those in this are who are desperately fighting off the flooded rivers from the weekends torrential rains. So many homes and businesses standing in water up to their roofs. It's heartbreaking.

Unknown said...

I love your blog and count knowing you in this ordinary time one of my blessings!