Google+ What I Made Today: May 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Little Acre Botanical Magic

Yesterday I harvested the first batch of motherwort, my lion-hearted ally, Leonurus cardiaca. It hangs to dry in my little hut, and will likely be joining me to grace my studio space. I'll be harvesting a bit more to start a tincture. And a vinegar. And who knows what else?

Today I'm blending a ferment starter of rhubarb with some spruce tips that have been infusing in water a couple of days. It's an experiment inspired by Pascal Bauder to create some beverage flavors unique to my own backyard. I mean, heck, I've done these sorts of things in the past, but my conscious awareness is fully engaged now. And it delights me! And by the way, the spruce water alone is deliciously refreshing. 

Today I'll start harvesting a bit of lemon balm, my ol' friend, Melissa officinalis. And speaking of fermenting... if all goes as planned... Monday will involve more harvesting of this blessed botanical to start a batch of Melissa Ale. I found my notes from a batch made years ago that I simply adored. I'm hoping to recreate it... as close as Nature, that fickle wench, will allow. I remember it well and chuckled at my notes, "like a lemony iced tea with a kick."

As for the rest of the day, I have more plants to get into the earth, including these Jimmy Nardello Italian peppers, a favored heirloom pepper. In fact, these are the only peppers I'm growing this year.

So that's what been in the making, is in the making and what's yet to be made. Magic, all of it!