Google+ What I Made Today: June 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Ritual of Witnessing

Some days, like today... I wait with the buds and blossoms for the sun to arrive and for the dew to lift. And as I wait...

 I witness unripe fruit.
I witness fruit ready to pick.
I witness blossoms just opening.
I witness blooms spread wide.
I witness growth already harvested, ready to harvest, and growth still growing.
I witness birth.
 I witness death.
I witness beauty.
I witness promise.

I witness Peace.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time and Space for Summer's Entrance

Welcome summer, to my little corner of the northern hemisphere. Even the night sky lights your way with a glorious full moon.
I read Shakespeare to the trees, as I do every year, and to anyone else who will listen (like The Spouse, bless his heart), sometimes choking on the beauty, and pausing to wipe tears from my eyes.
I've been called to work with grasses, and to learn more about them. As I learn I create, and as I create, I learn. It's a perfect relationship. A spiraling dance. Anyway... I often create healing tools on the solar holy days, and so is born this Spirit Wand, created intuitively with a mystery grass from my own little backyard. The sweetest surprise is the music it makes.
Along with my red-handled Spirit Wand, I continued the creative verve, with the healing music of the grasses. I have other bundles harvested, drying and waiting in my creative queue.
As for this morning, I made a batch of full moon solstice soap. And started this emerald magic: Tincture of Nepeta cataria.

This afternoon/evening I head to the studio for a bit ~ with The Spouse, no less ~ to paint another hub cap (or two) for a charity fundraising event coming up this weekend, hosted by The Hive in New Hartford, Connecticut.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Time for Communion, Time for Sharing

This morning I wandered my little acre with eyes and heart open to the offerings around me. Abundant offerings. I still witness so, so, so many rooted friends that I know little or nothing of, while others, so familiar, clamor for my attention - yet again. It's a humbling and inspiring experience, if not a bit overwhelming too. 
Sambucus canadensis pending flora.
Ribes nigrum, fuctus ripening and herba awaiting harvest.
A front yard patch of happy, smiling meadow.
What the neighbors must think.
And I hope they're thinking.
Fragaria virginiana herba waiting for harvest. And so patiently.
Beloved Trifolium pretense, my long-time friend and ally. 
Achillea millifolium, again. More to be harvested. More LoVe for the taking. And for the giving. In all directions. Ashe, sweet yarrow. Ashe.
The mighty Phytolacca americana. She thinks of buds, them flowers, then fruits. As we all do.
Ruta graveolens... the Herb of Grace. 

"Here in this place
I'll set a bank of rue, sour herb of grace;
Rue, even for ruth, shall shortly here be seen,
In the remembrance of a weeping queen."
~The Bard 
Schisandra chinensis ponders ripening fruit that startles and delight with vibrant hue. 
Actea racemosa (though I *do* still call her Cimicifuga racemosa, privately, a love and honor shared between us). 
Even the pollinators dance about these buds, conjuring their spikes of sweetness, light in the shadow.
The wild Vitis species. The wild Vitis. There's some wisdom to consider. To embrace. To act upon.

And I look forward to her flora, fructus and herba. 
In Vitas veritas!
Inula helenium, conjuring her flower stalk, the sentry blooms that watch over a damp and patch of sacred earth on this little acre. 
Today, among other things, and while doing them, I'll be making note of the Green and Rooted wisdom that I've asked to be shared with me, gently, one-at-a-time-please, throughout this lovely, lovely day. So that I may share the wise and abundant blessings with you.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Harvests, Infusions and Jarred Up Preserves

 Today I started an infused oil of thyme...

...harvested more mint to dry and jarred up last week's harvest...

... harvested some comfrey to start an infused oil and jarred up last week's harvest, of which this is only about half, and that's a one gallon jar, packed.

And the day's not over. Yet I sense a book in the shade on the deck as next up for me. And I'm sure the main vegetable garden will call to me before the sun get too low in the west.

That's what I made today. Peace.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Preparations for Open Studios and Open House Day at Whiting Mills

This weekend welcomes the Spring Open Studios at Whiting Mills in sunny Winsted, Connecticut... of which the first day coincides with Connecticut's Open House Day. So it will be busy weekend at the studio for me and the many other creative and inspired folk with whom this historical space is shared.

I have free gifts with Saturday purchases and giveaways going on both days, so if you're anywhere near the northwest hills of Connecticut this weekend, be sure to stop by Whiting Mills studio 310 a visit!

With that... there's preparations to get to... gotta run! Peace.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Way for Nature's Cue

Today is mild, damp and drizzly, so I'm getting more plants into the earth. Yesterday was warm, dry and sunny so I harvested herbs for drying.

As for tomorrow... I shall wait for Nature's cue, that is until it's studio time. Then I'll await Nona Muse's cue.