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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Time for Communion, Time for Sharing

This morning I wandered my little acre with eyes and heart open to the offerings around me. Abundant offerings. I still witness so, so, so many rooted friends that I know little or nothing of, while others, so familiar, clamor for my attention - yet again. It's a humbling and inspiring experience, if not a bit overwhelming too. 
Sambucus canadensis pending flora.
Ribes nigrum, fuctus ripening and herba awaiting harvest.
A front yard patch of happy, smiling meadow.
What the neighbors must think.
And I hope they're thinking.
Fragaria virginiana herba waiting for harvest. And so patiently.
Beloved Trifolium pretense, my long-time friend and ally. 
Achillea millifolium, again. More to be harvested. More LoVe for the taking. And for the giving. In all directions. Ashe, sweet yarrow. Ashe.
The mighty Phytolacca americana. She thinks of buds, them flowers, then fruits. As we all do.
Ruta graveolens... the Herb of Grace. 

"Here in this place
I'll set a bank of rue, sour herb of grace;
Rue, even for ruth, shall shortly here be seen,
In the remembrance of a weeping queen."
~The Bard 
Schisandra chinensis ponders ripening fruit that startles and delight with vibrant hue. 
Actea racemosa (though I *do* still call her Cimicifuga racemosa, privately, a love and honor shared between us). 
Even the pollinators dance about these buds, conjuring their spikes of sweetness, light in the shadow.
The wild Vitis species. The wild Vitis. There's some wisdom to consider. To embrace. To act upon.

And I look forward to her flora, fructus and herba. 
In Vitas veritas!
Inula helenium, conjuring her flower stalk, the sentry blooms that watch over a damp and patch of sacred earth on this little acre. 
Today, among other things, and while doing them, I'll be making note of the Green and Rooted wisdom that I've asked to be shared with me, gently, one-at-a-time-please, throughout this lovely, lovely day. So that I may share the wise and abundant blessings with you.


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Tammie Lee said...

oh my
a wealth of season offerings
beings to inspire and dream with