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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September Ties

September's almost spent, and don't I know it. It's been a month of cutting, lopping and digging... in oh so many ways.

It's been a month consumed with daily daily harvests and preparations for future Food and Craft and Healing.

There's still canning, drying and fermenting on the horizon and I foresee many a soup, stew and such made with a tomato base.

Amid the busyness, I've made time and space to sit with Nature, who is likewise engaged in making brisk and noticeable changes in her behavior and her appearance. 

And through it all I observe the Nature around me making ready for the months ahead.

I've prepared some of my typical herb bundles and made a few extra to have for sale at the studio. I have more to massage and tie, so some may end up online at Zibbet or ArtFire as well. If you're interested, let me know!

And September ushered in the inspiration to introduce my handcrafted Soft Salve NonScents available at my brick-n-motor at Whiting Mills in sunny Winsted, Connecticut as well as my ArtFire and Zibbet shops.

There's a few loose September threads to tie up, and I feel blessed to have a couple days left to manage them. And as I tie them I'm sure to be wondering ... what will October bring?



Doreen Breen said...

Such a busy month of harvesting and preparing - a true woman of the land!
Will definitely want one or two of those bundles! Sending love

Tanya Murray said...

I've been doing some catch up reading on your posts. I see a kindred soul who weeps at the sheer beauty of words. I too adore Shakespeare and feel ridiculously moved sometimes. Your busyness and industry also echoes my days but on an opposite seasonal rhythm on the other side of the world.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thank you, Doreen. :)
And nice to meet you, Tanya!

Carol said...

It seems each year I"m able to do less and less and I envy you the ability to get so much done. It's a joy to read of all you do ♥

fortunatetravelers said...

You are always an inspiration, teacher, friend.
Thank you for reminding me to make time to witness the fleeting changes.

Christine said...

nice to read about your seasonal preparations! I bought a pumpkin today at the grocery store.

GalleryJuana said...

beautiful photos of nature and all that you've been up to in September.
thanks for the visit.

denthe said...

Wow, you've been really busy. How lovely to be able to harvest so much from your garden....

Tammie Lee said...

good question, what will October bring.....
loved seeing all the things you have been creating and admiring.
Autumn is a wonderful season and it can be quite busy tying up things from summer and preparations for winter.