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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Merry New Year

November arrives with a sunny chill in the air that I recognize. And then... it warmed to that place of swapping a long-sleeve waffle knit for a cotton T. With that I cleaned up the spent black bean vines,  removed the stakes, planted the garlic (finally), and harvested the last of the turnip and beets (unless, of course I missed some). The tops are simmering in garlic, tomato schmutz and chicken stock as I type. Preparing kabees is up next!

I loosened the earth around some of horseradish and the spouse dug the roots for me as I prepared the rinse buckets to clean them for tomorrow's 3rd Annual World Fire Cider Day & Court Mediation Day! You can join us in raising some positive energy in support of Tradition Not Trademark by sipping some, making some, or just holding the positive verve for what is just and right.

Yesterday was a sweet day. I wandered our little acre a few times with prayerful intentions for honoring the ancestors ~ legged, rooted, winged, and so on ~ past, present and future. Bundles of homegrown Artemisia ludoviciana were rolled with intention, lit and prayers sent to the airy elements to carry and hold and deliver. With one rotation around our little acre I drummed in meditation, and when circling the front yard fruit trees, asked the ancestors to bless the trees so that one Samhain holy day soon I might offer them fruit from this little patch of earth that welcomes them. Then I circled again, drum in hand, with the spouse, for him to do his thing.

After dark, we walked our path again, by the light of a oil lantern to leave two halves of an organic apple on the cedar stump where these holy day spirits are welcomed to rest. And snack. As they wander and visit.

Yesterday, too, offered me time in quiet meditation and in throwing my full year Tarot spread for the coming new year, followed by journaling my impressions to reflect on as the time does its dance in the never-ending spiral.

So with that, I offer you blessings for the days and months ahead, no matter how you tick off the calendar.



greekwitch said...

You had such a beautiful celebration!! Many blessings to you and yours!

Carol said...

Doreen Breen said...

To could see you walking, hear your drum and smell your wonderful garden - what a blessing your words and sharing are! Thank you!

Tammie Lee said...

it all sounds like life in balance
a lovely way to embrace your days and nights
and acre