Google+ What I Made Today: December 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Journey's Landscape

Today marks a thing that many of us blog-folk call our blogiversary. For me, it all started in 2004 on a long-ago format that could barely handle text. Twelve years ago.

In that opening entry I wrote: No telling where this may lead. For me, herbs encompass one day, spiritual guidance the next, shamanic journeys another, maybe time spent with Nature, or drumming, and so on . . . you get the idea. To me, this diversity is at the heart of the people's medicine. We have choices. We have the will to learn about them. We have the power to choose. And we have the right to change! 

Silly words. Filled with the Wisdom of the Fool that inspires me, leads me, pushes me... is me. Still. I reflect on these aging words, wrinkled and sagging, and consider just how little and just how much has changed in this measure of reality. I reflect on the journey's landscape...  on what I've witnessed... from angles all my own.

In this moment, this eternal present we share right now, I feel infinitely grateful, and challenged... pissed off at feeling so pissed off about so much... and ready to continue the healing path... with or without you. Your choice.

And across the landscape I hear the echo: No telling where this may lead. Still.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dreams, Light, Reflections & Nourishing Yule Blessings.

Today is for dreaming.

 For smudging.

 For mirrors and candles, reflection and light. 

For fire and flame that nourishes and sustains.

For the warmth and comfort of Winter's offerings.

For light in the darkness.

Yuletide blessings to you.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Prayers - and Actions - of Light's Magic

Merry December, friends. Or something. With so many different holy days in this season... holy days that honor Light and Community, Peace and Forgiveness, Returnings and Beginnings, and so much more... I hope that we all embrace the True meanings and Roots of these celebrations.

Frankly, I look around and see too many running to conform with the poisonous behaviors and conventions of these current times, without so much as a glance back or, heavens' forbid, a glance forward. Let alone a glance in the Mirror.

We're taking holy days and perverting them with false traditions. I pray that we stop. I ask that YOU stop. For yourSelf. For your Family, your Tribe, your Community around the world... for the World you bequeath.

Today and Every Day.

I pray for Magic.


May we Dream it.
May we Do it.
May we Manifest it.