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Friday, December 2, 2016

Prayers - and Actions - of Light's Magic

Merry December, friends. Or something. With so many different holy days in this season... holy days that honor Light and Community, Peace and Forgiveness, Returnings and Beginnings, and so much more... I hope that we all embrace the True meanings and Roots of these celebrations.

Frankly, I look around and see too many running to conform with the poisonous behaviors and conventions of these current times, without so much as a glance back or, heavens' forbid, a glance forward. Let alone a glance in the Mirror.

We're taking holy days and perverting them with false traditions. I pray that we stop. I ask that YOU stop. For yourSelf. For your Family, your Tribe, your Community around the world... for the World you bequeath.

Today and Every Day.

I pray for Magic.


May we Dream it.
May we Do it.
May we Manifest it.


Tammie Lee said...

Thank you for your wishes.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Oh yes, if each would try to do what they can, to return the holy days, to their origin! Long ago, I read "Turn Off The Christmas Machine" and "Simplifying Christmas." Long ago, when I still celebrated Christmas. :-)

Long ago, ideas which these books contained, were just a lovely dream.

Each year now, I re-read them. So happy, that I have been able to embrace, many of those wonderful, wonderful views.

Sometimes... Sometimes... Sometimes... We win in the end. >,-)

Please excuse my rambling. Your beautiful post, just "brought it out"!

Early Winter blessings,
Luna Crone