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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Waiting for Gaia's Vernal Thaw

Beautiful, unpredictable March, the month that ushers in the vernal equinox, the solar portal of spring...

I experience mixed feelings as spring approaches. I mourn the loss of winter's long, dark, solitary hibernation and nights lingering by the warmth and glow of an evening fire. I celebrate the increasing pace of seed-starting, harvesting, opened doors and windows, and the decline of wood-burning dust.

Already, strolling around my little acre, currently void of snow (or mostly), I've begun harvesting garlic mustard and onion grass, I see the cleavers and chickweed sprouting, motherwort reemerging, along with Egyptian onions, and a host of others that simply wait for the snow to melt. I'm still waiting for the first signs of the nettle, and remind myself that it's still early.

So while I wait for the fullness of Gaia's vernal thaw, I'll be planting my own garden... starting and tending to the seedlings that will nourish and sustain me for months and years ahead. 

In. Deed. 





Tammie Lee said...

Yes, it is that season, of mourning and anticipation. I suppose a lot like the back and forth weather of March. So far our March has been only winter, but it looks like it may now be lightning up on snow and experiencing days in the 40's. Winter will slowly begin to melt.

I have enjoyed looking at your journal pages.

lovely weekend to you.

Sharkbytes said...

What a cool design! You think of doing things that I never do. You always give me ideas.