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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Welcome November

Welcome new year. Welcome winter's approach. Welcome the deepening darkness of the season.

October closed with a large pot of harvest stock simmering in the kitchen, and the baking of soul cakes as offerings to Nona Gaia, to her elemental kin (and mine), as well as to the more ordinary ancestors. Today, as November takes the stage, the stock will continue its simmer with more season-end harvests added to the pot. Like the spiral of life, this stock pot mimics the cycle, as will the nourishment it offers through the year ahead.

I love this time of year. But, then again, I love every season, for each offers its own unique challenges and blessings. Yet, as autumn spirals toward winter, the tasks of growing and preserving wind down, dusk and dawn close in on one another, and I find myself keeping quiet company with the gloamings of the day, as well as basking in the starlight even more than in summer. I feel Autumn's Shadow Medicine around me, and within me. And I embrace it.

After all, it is the new year for a proper heathen like me. Plus, it's my time of "birth" in this reality that we share. So October closes for me with a focus on harvests, sure, but also with pulling a single Crone Stone, and a numerological tarot spread for my linear age, each offering anchor meditations for my new year. Today I engage my thirteen-card full-year spread to further prepare me for the mysteries that await me in this next phase of my sol life journey.

So today - and every day - I honor the earth, Nona Gaia, all her children, the mystery of spirit, and I do my best to serve them in intention and in action. I am grateful for the challenge. And I pray that I am worthy. Ashe.


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