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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Time Will Tell

The snow is melting, reluctantly it seems, along with these remaining March days.

Time has slowed down for me this week, and I'm so grateful for that. In these days of tempus fugit that we all live in, I'm grateful any time Time relaxes her wings.

This week has offered a more relaxed pace than I'm typically accustomed, and in it I've discovered my own influence on this magic. I, it seems, played a key role in manifesting this enchanting pace. It has also offered me a challenge to test this notion... by recreating it. And so I shall shine my light on the magic of my influence as I nurture a refreshed and renewed relationship with Time.

As for the burgeoning nettles pictured here, they have no apparent relationship to these ramblings. Or do they?

Only Time will tell.



1 comment:

Amber said...

I echo your sentiments! I feel my prickly, hard winter armor sloughing off to let the sunshine on my feels so good! :)