Google+ What I Made Today: April 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

And I Am Grateful

A week ago I split for the weekend to engage an adventure. I met up with 16 other healing spirits made manifest in this realm we call life, only one of whom I knew, and that was from a brief (though meaningful) encounter some 13 years ago, or so. And I am grateful.

It was one of those rare opportunities that are conjured from a place of mystery, a place where everything - every single thing - lines up perfectly. It was one of those rare opportunities for which refusal was not an option. And I am grateful.

This window led me through light and shadow, through hard places and soft, with people, with energy, with the elements, with spirit, in the realm of the big mystery (as I call it), to a new garden of healing potential in which my roots have already sunk. And deeply. And I am grateful.

The weekend, the people, the experiences, the magic, the intelligence, the healing, the LoVe, are forever etched in my spirit. And I am grateful.

I'm still digesting it all, and still have pieces of unfinished gratitude to express. Once that feels complete, the journey - and the story - will continue. And I am grateful.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

April's Medicine

April arrives and I'm still waiting for winter's snowy mantle to assimilate. Nonetheless, this month offers the affirmation of expanding daylight, warming sunshine, and showers of opportunity, clarity, and renewal.

In its own way it's been a comfort, this lingering transition. The season's pace has tempered the liveliness of patterns, connections and potential that have been enthusiastically surfacing for me lately. And that softened Medicine is greatly appreciated. And despite winter's reluctance to move on, there've been moments of deep warmth, sitting outdoors in the afternoon, watching the thaw, the blushing of the tree buds, the waking of the earth. I am so grateful to witness these gifts, for these quiet moments of deep stillness nourish the desired temperance that calms the mounting momentum I feel within and around me. And these Medicine moments activate the vision that empowers my ability to focus on that which adds deep value to my life, your life, and the life of our Nona Gaia.

So, yes, much is germinating, sprouting and expanding this month. Some is known and some is mysterious. Some is joyous and some is challenging. And I prepare to embrace it all.

May you, too, prepare to embrace the burgeoning Medicine that is yours.