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Friday, April 27, 2018

And I Am Grateful

A week ago I split for the weekend to engage an adventure. I met up with 16 other healing spirits made manifest in this realm we call life, only one of whom I knew, and that was from a brief (though meaningful) encounter some 13 years ago, or so. And I am grateful.

It was one of those rare opportunities that are conjured from a place of mystery, a place where everything - every single thing - lines up perfectly. It was one of those rare opportunities for which refusal was not an option. And I am grateful.

This window led me through light and shadow, through hard places and soft, with people, with energy, with the elements, with spirit, in the realm of the big mystery (as I call it), to a new garden of healing potential in which my roots have already sunk. And deeply. And I am grateful.

The weekend, the people, the experiences, the magic, the intelligence, the healing, the LoVe, are forever etched in my spirit. And I am grateful.

I'm still digesting it all, and still have pieces of unfinished gratitude to express. Once that feels complete, the journey - and the story - will continue. And I am grateful.


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